Ai will never replace you, author.

But it can help you save time and money... while improving your marketing efforts.

Every author has the same struggle with social media and marketing:

* I don't know what to post.

* I'm not a marketing person, how do I write this?

* How do I create content?

* Is this content good?

* I'd rather be writing.

The scary truth is, books don't sell themselves.

The average author only sells 200 books, because they don't market!

"It takes too much time."

I know. I've been working in small business marketing for 30 years; publishing for the last 7 years. My goal is to share everything I know, everything I've learned to help you save time and money while working toward YOUR unique author marketing goals.

"I don't know what to post."

Nothing can take the place of live posting. But the method I've developed can help you create months of evergreen (reusable!) social media content. I'll give you ideas every author can use PLUS bonus content to take on more content creation once you've mastered the initial lessons.

Social media is crucial to raising your SEO (search engine Optimization). If you don't share, you can't be found.

I know it takes a lot of time. It's possible you didn't know when you wrote your book that your work wasn't over when you pressed publish. Marketing never ends. If you want to be found, you have to be seen! Social media is free and it helps.

I'm a huge fan of tech. I like to think of myself as an early adopter...

I've spent some time learning about Ai and its capabilities for the last few months; this tech is amazing. ChatGPT and Ai aren't going anywhere. While I don't think they'll ever replace you as an author...

they can certainly help you grow your platform!

Chief Problem Solver (CPS)...

I love this stuff.

Marketing can be like a puzzle. It's never the same for every author. Your goals, understanding, tools, and desires are all different.

Most authors have one thing in common, you don't like or want to do the marketing necessary to sell your book

That's where I come in. You're a business and it's my job to use my marketing skills to help you find your way through your small business marketing obstacles to help you reach your goals.

I like to meet you where you are; to understand your goals, skills, and heart to help you learn what you want and need to learn. Together, we'll find assets you didn't realize you had, to help you reach your author marketing goals.

No two journeys are alike. Let me help you find your way!

Wouldn't it be nice to spend less time creating social media content

and more time writing?

Learn to use assets you already have,

to create months of evergreen content in just minutes.

I'll teach you to

Use Ai & some simple automations to...

• Save Time....

• Save Money....

• Share content your followers want to see!

Evergreen means always good.

Let me show you how to create a month of evergreen

content in just minutes using artificial intelligence and Canva.

Social Media Automation for Authors

This is a self-paced course designed to walk you through the process of creating social media graphics using ChatGPT, content you already own, a spreadsheet, and Canva.

In three simple steps and less than an hour, you'll learn to create months of evergreen content to support and grow your platform, to help you reach your marketing goals.

PLUS two BONUS lessons designed to teach you how to use this technique to create even more graphics and videos!

What's included

Video lessons

In this course, you'll get 7 videos that walk you from introduction to implementation and beyond with two bonus lessons and next steps.

Links to Tools

I love free tools that work. I provide links and instructions to use ChatGPT, Google Sheets, and Canva to create beautiful social media graphics designed to help you reach your target audience!

Practical uses

I love to help. I also provide practical uses for both fiction and non-fiction authors. Bonus lessons include additional uses for ChatGPT and Canva.


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I know you're going to love this.

I know you're going to love this class, the time you save, and the results. I use this same technique in my 1:1 coaching program to help my clients create content FAST and with my clients. It WORKS.

If for some reason you're not satisfied, I will refund your purchase, without question. Remember, if you get stuck, I'm always here to help you get UNSTUCK!

Are you ready to save time

and money building your author platform?

Ai social media automation course


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• Learn simple, Canva automations

• Learn practical uses for your social media designs

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